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Weight Loss Shoes Can Help You Shed the Pounds

Maybe it is too good to be true, but several weight loss shoes have been introduced to the sneaker market over the last few years. These shoes are specially designed to help you lose weight simply by wearing them and going about your normal day. These are the claims of several shoe companies, and we want to take a look at these special shoes here.

The concept behind these weight loss shoes is intriguing and based on solid experience. It is widely known that walking or jogging on dry sand is a terrific way to get in shape. The sand provides a surface that is not solid or even and it forces your body to use numerous different muscle groups than you would normally use than with walking on a normal hard surface. Professional athletes have known this for years and they typically will stay in shape in the offseason by performing a routine running regimen on dry sand dunes.

The way these specialized weight loss shoes attempt to do this is quite interesting, if not ingenious. Take one look at any of these shoes and they flat out look different than normal shoes. The first thing you notice is that the sole is designed to look like a rocking chair rocker foot. It is curved concave toward your foot so that you never have an even surface to walk flat on. This is very similar to walking on dray sand, as it tends to concentrate on the part of your foot where you have applied the most force, and is constantly changing. Also the heel of the shoe is designed with an angle so that your are constantly activating different muscle groups during your full range of motion.

Scientists and sports nutritionist will tell you that muscles burn the most calories, it this is exactly what the weight loss shoes are trying to do. As you walk on these shoes your feet, calves, thighs, and midsection are all engaged in assisting your movement. The shoes force your center of gravity to be shifted forward, instead of near your heels, and it engages all of those muscles. As you use all of these muscle groups they expend energy and will require that you either provide it or it will use your fat stores instead. This is exactly what you want, and if you go on regularly scheduled walks using these shoes you will lose weight. After a while you will start to see your calves and thighs begin to firm up, and they will have a muscle tone they did not have before.

There are several manufacturers making weight loss shoes today. Among the more popular types are the Skechers Shape-ups, Reebok Easytone, Stepgym, MBT shoes, and the exotic and expensive Chung Shi shoes. They all come in a wide variety of styles, from sneakers, to sandals, to a more formal leather look and you are sure to find a type that suits your tastes. To be honest some of them look quite ugly, but I did find a few models that looked very nice. The prices range for these shoes is wide and varied, costing anywhere from fifty dollars to well over three hundred dollars. You can buy these shoes from popular brick and mortar retails and online as well. It will pay for you to shop around and find the best deals for these specialized shoes.