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Ugg Boots - The Premier Brand in Luxury and Comfort

You must love Ugg boots for all the right reasons: Rugged as the outback and stylish as the Champs Elysees, Uggs have become the "It" footwear for the new millennium.

How could anyone anywhere not love Ugg footwear? Comfortable, functional, indestructible, always fashionable Ugg boots go with everything every cool girl wears every day. Guys, too. These boots define the category and set the standards for sheepskin boots and slippers. Although Uggs have inspired a million imitations, the originals are still the greatest.

Ugg boots represent the peak of fashion and style.

Really a perfect application of the time-honoured principle "form follows function," Uggs never made any pretence to fashion or style. The original craftsmen focused on fit, function, and durability; and nothing about their styling or construction has changed over the years. Considered from the standpoint of fashion history, they as easily could have graced the feet of seventeenth century British explorers or Powhattan warriors as they adorn your pretty feet now. Ugg boots' contours, shapes, fit and finish are as basic and down-to-earth as any footwear ever. Ironic that a style so primitive and "organic" should dominate haute couture.

Designers at Ugg have not, however, lost their calendars or stopped reading the fashion magazines. In addition to their classic high and low styles, Ugg designers now offer high heeled boots in new materials and textures-Ugg boots for big girls with big plans. And, in a stroke of true genius, Ugg designers have integrated elements of timeless Scandinavian clog designs with their unique boot construction. The results are intriguing, beguiling, and almost too cool for words.

A careful look at your beloved Uggs reveals their sixties origins: they evolved out of a cottage industry among surfers, who loved their comfort and warmth. Even on the coldest winter days, surfers came straight out of the ocean and into their Uggs. Even without Twitter and Facebook, a buzz grew around Ugg boots, and they built a reputation not only for indescribable comfort and warmth but also for exceptional durability. Tradesmen took their cue from the surfers, wearing them at work and play. When a few celebrities cast aside their platforms and wedges in favour of Uggs, the word was out, and the legend was born.

As Ugg Boots have grown more popular, however, their makers have not compromised comfort or quality. Crafted from the finest materials according to the highest standards, Uggs are more rugged than the outback. With proper protection and care, your boots will carry you comfortably through rain, sleet, snow, ice, and the occasional blizzard, lasting longer than your first three boyfriends.

Of course, every girl must own Ugg boots in their natural colour. It's required. It's in the handbook. Complementing her Ugg boots and completing the sheepskin experience, every girl also ought to own a pair of super-comfortable Ugg slippers. But eventually a girl must face the fact that, when she wears her white or silver leggings, natural-toned Ugg boots make her look like Pincess Leia-maybe fine for the outback, but when she leaves the frontier, a girl must step it up. Time to diversify. Do not fear the colours-pink, turquoise, and trustworthy navy blue for the faint-of-heart. Do not fear heels or wooden soles. Do not fear the boldest of bold statements. This season, you and your new Ugg boots can make a little fashion history of your own.