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Owner Builder Remodeling Help - Where to Get the Help You Need

It's a great idea to elicit the help of building industry professionals. They have the experience and know-how. But, who should you start with first? And what should you expect of them? I recommend an experienced Home Building Coach.

Question: Can Home Building Coaches help with remodels and home improvements?

Answer: In most cases, home improvements and remodels follow the same steps and procedures as building a new home. The same materials are used, the same tradesmen are needed, and the processes and strategies are largely the same.

Because of this, yes, home building coaches are ideally suited for remodeling projects as well as building a brand new home.

Just as in building, when you're remodeling or creating a home addition, it is smart to hire your coach early in your planning. Remodeling requires as much preparation as building a new home, and your coach can be an invaluable resource for you in this preparation.

Also, just as when building a new home, the coach will be a big help when it comes to avoiding problems, trouble shooting, and solving issues when they arise. It can be even more critical to use a coach during major remodels and additions.

Navigating Remodeling Surprises

More so than with home building, remodeling jobs are inherently replete with surprises that need solving "on the fly." Sometimes you just don't know what's behind the walls or under the ground.

A home building coach should be a trusted and independent resource who is looking out for you, instead of the builder or his own bottom line.

Don't start a major remodeling project without one.