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Outsole and Footbed Technology of a Pair of ECCO Shoes

Okay we have been talking a lot recently about ECCO shoes and the technology that goes into making a pair. The same goes for the sole and footbed of each shoe. They do things totally different when making this part of the shoe. If you have been searching for this information I strongly suggest that you read this article right away. It will contain some very important information that should be interesting to anyone interested in this brand of shoe.

Okay we will start with the technology that goes into the footbed.

Footbed Technology

Comfort Fiber System - This system keeps your feet dry and cool at the bottom with layers of moisture absorbent foam. The material minimizes odor and keeps your feet cool and comfortable. As you walk air seeps through the foam allowing air to circulate around your foot. Now you tell me have you ever heard of a shoe doing all that before? I think not, only in a pair of ECCO shoes can you get this much technology packed into a shoe.

Poly Urethane Footbed - This is the toe grip part. It is lightweight but also stable and shock absorbent. It provides excellent arch support and also helps with absorbing moisture and controlling odors.

Heel Support System - Provides enhanced stability especially when participating in sports. (Golf he he)

Outsole Technology

Direct Inject - Provides strong bottom out sole to you shoe but it also very lightweight. It provides a water tight seal so again no moisture will get in.

Vibram Outsole - Provides high performance no matter the terrain or the temperature. Hiking in the mountains or the snow, traveling across a desert or grass. It is designed for any type of terrain that you may come across.

Rubber Outsole - If you decide to go with this type of bottom then be ready for a hefty dose of traction and support. it is very durable and also good for any terrain that you might come across.

Okay if all that was a little too much for you don't worry about it. What you should take from this is that if you own a pair of ECCO shoes, you are wearing a superior shoe when compared to many other shoe manufacturers. You will notice this once you take your first step in a pair of these shoes you will know what I am talking about.

So there you have it, all of the technical in's and out's that go into making an ECCO shoe.