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Know Your Message, Know Your Medium

Brand Messaging to Brand Mediums

Message to Medium

With the vast number of multi-media channels in today's rapid paced new economy, it is imperative that the brand message your company is communicating to your target audience is relevant, engaging, and above all, consistent with your company's brand promise.

Too frequently organizations work with several teams of well-intentioned employees, writers, designers, marketers and brand consultants who may drive the company's primary, secondary and tertiary brand messages in diverse directions.

Consider asking your team:

* Are we a product-based company or a people-based company? Why?

* Are we a rationale-based organization or a emotion-based organization? Why?

* Do we want to present a Benefit-based Sales Approach or a Needs-based Sales Approach? Why?

Perhaps your firm is a combination of one or none of the above... What is crucial is that your business development team is in sync to: which client is receiving which brand message and how often.

"Consistency" is the key to managing, nurturing and maintaining a positive brand experience. Capturing the "top-of-mind" position of your target audience and having your brand recognized in all mediums, is a communications strategy the Team at ISI has proudly delivered for over two decades.

Medium to Message

Once your brand messaging is crafted and solidified, we need to modify each "style" to different mediums. Websites read differently than Brochures, Blogs are received differently than Advertisements and Social Networks communicate in another way than Press Releases. Just as our target audience communications require customization and personalization of your brand messages; so do Mediums.