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Article Marketing - A Free, Complete Guide for Newbies Part 1

A couple of years back, I was one of those people who were struggling in understanding the process of article marketing. Back then, I have committed costly mistakes and had a hard time finding the right techniques that will give me the kind of results I was looking for. Years of writing and distributing my articles have taught me what works and what doesn't. Allow me to share the precious things that I have learned so you can increase your chances of succeeding in this field even if you're just starting out. Let's get started:

Do not leave keyword research out of the equation. You might think that you know the right keywords to target or those terms that are usually searched for by your target audience but wait until you get results from keyword suggestion tools. You might just be wrong. Knowing the right keywords to target is very important. So, get reliable data instead of doing the guessing game. Do this right the first time because if you don't, you're headed to failure.

Pick fresh topics. Although it's much easier to just pick the topics that were already written by your competitors (this will surely save you some research time), I would recommend that you try to discover fresh information that you can talk about. Remember, your target audience will not read your articles if they feel that they contain nothing but information that they're already heard of before.

Use attention-grabbing headlines. Invest time and exert conscious effort in learning the ropes of writing effective titles. This is the key to boost your open rate. Your titles will get noticed if they're well-written, benefit-driven, and thought-provoking.

Research. Gather enough information before you start writing your articles. Read relevant blogs, articles, ezines, and books. Keep in mind that although you're free to use them as your resources, you cannot copy them word for word. You can also conduct surveys and interview experts if you think that there's a need for it.

Plan ahead. Create an outline so you can make the process of writing your articles well-guided and organized. While doing your research, list down those information that you might want to include in your content. Then, study the list carefully. Remove those that are not really important to your readers or those that will not help in making your articles impacting. Arrange the remaining info in a logical manner. Ideally, you should only cover 4-6 major points in one article so you can keep it short.

Have the right reasons. Before you start writing, remind yourself that you're writing your articles to inform and not to advertise (at least not yet). So, avoid talking about your products and do not even try to insert blatant ads on your article body because these are unacceptable for most article directories. You don't want them to reject your articles, right?